Ways To Use Mason Jar Lantern To Decorate The Patio

Ways To Use Mason Jar Lantern To Decorate The Patio

We often try to experiment with a new look for our house. From furniture to the wall colour, we try and change it according to the latest trend. Although people usually spend their money and energy to decorate their interior, we often forget about our patio and garden. Having a patio can add beauty to our house and can be used for many purposes. It acts as an extra space where people can spend their time. The most common way people use their patio is by converting it into a sitting area. But if one can decorate their patio, it can be transformed completely. There are many ways people decorate their patios. As it is attached to the garden, people can experiment according to their liking. One of the most common ways to decorate the patio is with the help of lanterns. The most common type of lantern found nowadays is made out of mason jars. People who are looking to buy Mason jar can use hotozcoupons coupon code to get discounts.

Types of Mason jar lantern that can be used

There is a variety of Mason jar found in the market. People can also buy regular mason jar and make it according to their liking.

  • Ball string light

We often see in the market ball string lights. They are very light in weight and have beautiful dim light. Covering the balls with heavy Mason jar can protect the light from the wind. It gives a dewy effect during night-time gathering. One can hang them on the fence or in the wall.

  • The candle inside a mason jar

It is a simple and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate the patio. Attach some sturdy chair in top of the thick mason jar. Fill the jar with small pebbles or orbez balls and place around the candle in the middle. Make sure to keep the lid open for the candle to burn. Hand it on the fence to get a clean look.

  • Glow in the dark lantern

Who does not love glow in the dark lights? This DIY project is easy and fun to make. All you need is some glow in the dark sticks and mason jars. Break the stick and splatter the inside of the tube on the jars. This way it sticks to the jar and turns it into a glow in the dark lantern.

  • Light on wheels

It is an excellent way to add a rustic touch to your garden and patio. One can use unwanted wheels lying around to make this beautiful lantern. Fill up the mason jars with colourful pebbles and candles or lights and hung it from the rung of the wheels. That can be then tied to a tree or use as a chandelier in the patio.

  • Wrap the jars with twine

People who are looking for a vintage look for their decoration can opt this style of the lantern. To make this, one needs mason jars, lights, and twine. Wrap the twine at the top and bottom part of the mason jar and keep the middle open. This way, the lantern will look vintage and beautiful.